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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

after working with my mini project - hoya kerrii, i have sudden urge to start a garden again! since i have 4 mini african violets now, and 1 of them is full of leaves. hence i thought of buying rooting hormones and start propagating it. then i will have many many mini african violets. i had successfully propagate gloxinia and hopefully mini african violets will be as easy as well.

while i was browsing for information (and monitoring my forex), i chance upon Plant World Seeds. i saw they selling kiwi berry seeds! my favourite and very hard to buy in supermarket! i drop an email to Ray whether kiwi berry is suitable to grow in tropical country and he say that it is suitable. end up, i bought 2 packets (because buy 2 get 1 free!) of kiwi berries, 2 packets of raspberries and 2 packets of strawberries. 

now all im doing is wait for them to arrive.. and also need to get jiffy pellets!

~Kiwi Berries~



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