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Friday, 27 July 2012

my biggest win so far!
after making HUGE loss in EUR/USD at the same time (month end) for 2 months, i finally saw the "trend" or rather "tactics" of Euro. Fact is Euro is going down and down, but somehow some "good news" will pop out at month end. Then EUR/USD will go up for a little while before dropping down again.

so month end (check!) trend going down and is going up (check!) EMA 5 cross over EMA 10 (check!). Bought @1.2140, S/L @ 1.2110, T/P @ 1.2220

at first it kinda range abit and get me worried. but i believe Euro will come out same stunt again. And to what I have anticipated, it rose! Again, I have cut my winning trade as it rose to 1.2313! i took +80pips but if i shift my T/P higher when it reach +50pips, i can earn up to +173pips! Anyway +80pips is already my highest earn! I should give myself a pat on the back.

i was updating my win and saw i miss another opportunity in buying EUR/USD! if not, i will make another pile! Drats.... then again, i plan to enjoy my small win over the weekend instead of studying forex. afterall, this is my first win for this week! Confident is back, stick to my strategy, dont ever waver again!

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