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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Reading thru babypips, and saw one of the chart is AUD/USD. Resistance is around 1.25 and have been ranging for few hours. I decide to take a risk since it is already overbought and there is a cross over in slow stochastic.

Sell @ 1.025, S/L @ 1.028, T/P @1.016 (yesterday low)

Unfortunately the price hit my S/L then go down trend again! *EMO* When I get home, my trade is already closed. I should have set my S/L at higher position! To make things worse, next day AUD/USD drop all the way down *CRYZ*

Loss: - 30pips

If I have set a higher S/L position, I would T/P +80 pips by now!

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