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Monday, 9 July 2012

At last i have completed skyrim last week. took me 2 months, which is around 8 weekends to complete! each weekend i spend about 10hrs, so is roughly 80hrs or more! then again, i did not complete all the sides quests, but only most of the faction ones like bards college, college of winterhold, companions, dark brotherhood and thieves guild. not very sure i did complete imperial legion and gives up stormcloaks, but after i join imperial legion and complete a few major tasks. End up having repetitive small quests which eventually i gave up doing. Oh ya, I also find divine & daedric quests interesting, so I completed quite a bit.

Despite many MANY glitches which i find VERY irritating, Skyrim is quite interesting. You can customize your character and I chose Imperial because it seems to be very balanced. After playing for awhile, I kinda regret for not choosing to be Dunmer. I more towards assassin type plus it's the best race to be vampire! Anyway, I have completed one whole chunk of side quests and only first chapter of the main story, I'm not going to replay the whole thing.

For those that is interested in Skyrim, I guess playing via PC is a much wiser choice than PS3. At least you can debug the glitches! Most of the times, PS3 you have to stuck with it, if you cannot get around it.

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