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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

REVIEW: OF Betta Flora

I planned to buy Aquafarm and one of my friend recommend Betta Flora to me. He said it kinda have the same function as Aquafarm. So I went to buy it with a very good discount as my friend's friend is working there.

As you can see from the photo,  there is 2L flask (but actual water which the fish would swim in it would be lesser), a divider, a flow tube, sponge, plastic pebbles, plastic flooring, LED light cum cover and the plug.
After 'installing' all the parts, I start to pour the water into the flask. The pebbles & plastic flooring starts to float out! I quickly put them in place and pour the water into the flask. This time much slower. When done, I put my betta in. I named him Fighting. Because he is really angry most of the times. He will push out his gills and stare at me every now & then.
Personally I find it is still not really consider aquaponics. Firstly the sponge cannot absorb alot of water. Secondly the flow tube doesn't pump water. Is only when we pull in additional water, water at the bottom of the flask will flow out to the waste water 'cabinet' thru it. Lastly since there is lack of water & air flow, how a growing seedling able to survive? However some houseplant would work, like money plant. The plant is served more towards decoration purpose rather than cultivating plants.
I will get the Aquafarm once I got my HSBC credit card since there is a $50 cash rebate. Hopefully Aquafarm won't fail me as there is quite a few negative feedback regard it. *Cross finger*

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