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Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Once a week or fortnight, my bf and I will dine at Fish Mart SAKURAYA at West Coast Plaza. It's definitely one of our favourite Japanese restaurant as the food generally is fresh & reasonable priced. According to my colleague, the restaurant will replenish their stock on Monday & Thursday. So I guess these 2 days will be the freshest.

Sometimes you also get to see "rare" sashimi there, like tara shirako (aka fish sperm). We not sure how it tastes like as we are not that adventurous. But our favourite definitely is blue fin tuna. We knew that it is endangered species due to over-fishing. Mainly the demand comes from Japan which is around 80%. Remaining 20% of the demand comes from rest of the world. So my bf & I psycho ourselves we belong to the 20% and Japan should reduce their intake instead. *haha*

The texture & taste of the meat is very yummy! The texture is firm like tuna or swordfish, but do not have the metallic as normal tuna.

Once in a moon blue, they will display our sashimi in a proper and nice way. So I took a photo after so many visits there. Bluefin tuna, swordfish & salmon are our basic order. We will order some sides like tobikko sushi. Usually I will order hana maki & chawanmushi. But personally I find Fish Market version is not that nice, so I will always omit these when dining there.

For people who loves fresh & reasonable priced sashimi, you would already know this restaurant. If not, please faster try it!

Fish Mart Sakuraya (West Coast Plaza)
#B1-50/51/52, West Coast Plaza, 154 West Coast Road

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