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Monday, 11 November 2013

On her way to the groomer... Pixie knew it and she hates grooming.. Actual she hates leaving me, and especially hate it when she has to stay for a while with strangers.. But then I guess is her lucky day!
I made a booking for Pixie at 12pm. I reached Friends in Fur at 11.45pm and found out the shop is not opened. So I sent 3 msg and made 2 calls to them. At 12.05pm, I realized a msg from them that they can only reach the shop at 1pm! *Faint* If they really cannot make it, at least inform me 1hr before my appointment! Seriously make a waste trip there. Lucky is just nearby my house.
Nevertheless, they offered to give me free spa and grooming for Pixie. But they can't even remember they have an appointment and do not have basic responsibility towards their customers. I don't think I can leave my baby with them. I have request for Groupon to refund me, and hopefully I can get my refund asap.
And of course Pixie get the rest of the day lazing around my bed.

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