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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Blogger asks for free haircut -- and threatens to damage shop's reputation when rejected

A blogger approached a hair salon in VivoCity for a hairdo sponsorship, then threatened to damage the shop's reputation when she did not receive a response.
The owner of the salon had posted about the incident on facebook, which STOMPers AMDK and babyjack sent in screenshots of. According to the posting, the blogger had asked for a free haircut at the salon, in return for publicity on her blog. However, her request for the sponsorship was rejected. This led the blogger to submit a counter-proposal, along with her blog traffic statistics. When she did not receive a reply, she sent the shop owner another email.
In this email, she called the shop owner 'rude' and gave him 24 hours to acknowledge her email or she might 'blog about him and damage the reputation of the hair salon'.
Netizens have responded to the employee's posting, with many commenting on how rude and self-entitled the blogger sounds. One also said, "People like her give bloggers a bad name," while AMDK asked if this is the "new generation of bloggers".


I was quite surprized when I read this article. Normally I thought companies would write to bloggers whether they want to try out their products/ services & hopefully the bloggers would write good reviews. This is the first time I seen blogger (Janice Toh or Janice Leong) demanding for a service.
Although the blogger claims that her website - is hacked so she has closed it down and the email is not sent by her. I highly doubt so.

Previously I seen Stacy (from Drop Dead Diva) wrote fake good reviews of the free products that she received from companies. In the end affected herself because the viewers who believe her blog, bought & try the failed product became disappointed in the products & Stacy too. But I guess Janice Toh / Leong makes the whole blogger thingy a whole new level.

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