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Monday, 25 November 2013

Friends in Fur Petshop / Groomer

I'm gonna share my experience on friends in fur petshop...
Previously I mentioned that the petshop forgot my appt and I went to Groupon to cancel the voucher.. End up I inform wrong voucher to Groupon and my voucher was not cancelled. .So I decide to give them another try... I guess it's really mistake.. Not everyone deserve a 2nd chance... When I went in, there are 2 pretty pissed customers (I not sure why though).. I was in mental shock because the shop stink like shit..Why? Because there are shits in the shop and no one cleared them.. There are dogs caged in rust metal cage, and seriously i not sure how sane are the dogs.. One of them keep howling, another one keep spinning in circle, another old one saw I looked at him/her, he/she small howls at me (machiam like pleading me to save him/her)..
"GREAT"! so I rang the bell and a lady come out.. I told her my appt time and she give me a lost look. Nevertheless she asked me how Pixie wants to be groom and stuffs. After giving her the instruction, I asked her whether is her shop condition is always this bad? She give me a shy smile and told me not really. I HOPE SO! After that, I asked her what time Pixie will be ready for collection. And she told me 6pm, which is around 3hrs later.
3hrs later, my partner went to collect Pixie. They gave the wrong toy poddle to my partner. When my partner told her, the dog is not Pixie, she just point to another toy poddle which is Pixie. Hello?! They don't even know which dog is whose?! *FAINT* Ok, the bad news is they havent even start grooming her yet! There is matt at Pixie's fur so they have to shave shorter. They said they have send us a msg but we didn't receive. AND THEY CANNOT CALL AT ALL! Just like they missed my appt, they refused to pick up any calls! Our guess is they msg the wrong person like they mistaken another dog as Pixie. If they bother to call, they would know is the wrong owner. Anyway, they told my partner Pixie would be ready in another 45mins.
Another hr later, my partner went to collect her. Everything is done as expected. Pixie is not shivering (she always shivers when in grooming), she just froze one side (the groomer leash her in a corner). When my partner picks her up, she just froze. My partner expects her keep on whining & shivering (as per previous experience with our usual groomer) but he just brought her back. Lucky when she reached home, she is jumping & hopping when she sees me.

I'm definitely never going back again...
Friends in Fur
Jurong West Avenue 1 
P.S: The shop looks much neater without the angry customers & shits around

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