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Monday, 13 January 2014

Pumpkin bread

I don't know how my bf & I decided to bake a pumpkin bread. But that's what we did over the weekend. I went to steam the pumpkin, mash it up and mixed with plain flour and salt. Add in the yeast and water to make it to a dough. My bf took over the kneading portion.
After kneading, we put it aside for the dough to rise. After an hour, we knead it somemore. Shape it and left to rise for an hour more. Then we sprinkle some pumpkin seeds on top. Brush it will beaten egg. And put it into the oven.
Voila! Pumpkin bread is born. Look kinda professional, yeah? However the brand of yeast we used is not very active. I tried 2 packages but both doesn't foam well so I thought it is this way. After we tried the bread, it kinda stiff and not fluffy. So I guess the yeast is the problem. Nevertheless I bought the brand of yeast I always used. We will tried it again.
I'm not sure whether putting the bread in the freezer is a wise choice. Because we put our already stiffed bread into the freezer. And it became a hard rock. No kidding! So I guess it is better to finish off the bread within few days.

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