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Friday, 3 January 2014

French King Cake

Few years back, my bf went to France and fall in love with their French King Cake. Not sure why, he suddenly have a craving for it. So his gf has to make his craving come true. I was googling for the recipe of the cake. But most of them needs Frangipane, I guess is one type of almond filling. I don't seem to find it at NTUC. Being his resourceful gf, I have to find an alternative. After searching for awhile, I found a recipe for almond filling. Not so sure whether does it taste like Frangipane, but I guess it won't be too off.
The recipe for the almond filling is quite simple. All you needs is almond, sugar, butter, egg whites and almond extract. Mixed them together using the food processor, and you will get the almond filling. For more details, you can visit it at Simply So Good. After I prepared the almond filling, I put it in the refrigerator.
I bought the ready-made puff pastry from NTUC and now is the time for my bf to perform *haha* He rolls the dough & put it on the pie plate. I spread the paste on the pastry while he continue to roll for the cover of the cake. After putting on the 'cover', I beat an egg and spread it around the cake. My bf slightly slit crisscross on the cake and put 4 small venting holes. Last step will be putting into the oven.
After 15mins, I took the cake out and sprinkle some icing sugars on the cake and put it back to the oven for another 10mins. *Tadah* Below is the end product. Though my bf said that there is still difference in the taste as compared to the French King Cake he ate in French. But the taste is similar. Our next project will be trying to improvise our French King Cake. His sister is coming back from France and she will brings Frangipane with her. I guess my bf will be waiting for our next attempt.

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