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Monday, 27 January 2014

Ciabatta Bread

Currently one of our favourite past time for my bf & I is baking breads & stuffs. Saturday we bake, Sunday the part time maid cleans and we have a week supply of breakfast. Mainly breakfast for my bf though because I don't really take breakfast.
We were planning to give the pumpkin bread a second try but realize our spare pumpkin has grown mouldy. Flipping my recipe book, my bf decided to bake Ciabatta instead. The steps are pretty easy and not much kneading is needed. But LOTSA time needed for the 'yeasting'! 4 hours needed for the yeast to work with the dough. After adding in one more cup of flour into the 'liquid' dough, another 1.5hr for it to rise again. After shaping the dough on the baking tray, another 0.5hr to rise again!
When we finally put the dough into the oven, it is nearly ten in the night! Next time we definitely try to bake earlier!
Fortunately Ciabatta tastes exactly like the ones my bf ate in Italian restaurant and he loves it. When he offered some to his colleague, his colleague also comment that it is same as Italian restaurant! At least this is a successful attempt as compared to the pumpkin bread.

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