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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Basil Growing Kit

It's all started from Clover growing kit. Unfortunately the Clover doesn't live to see it. Few weeks after I planted my Clover, my bf bought me another growing kit - Basil. When I unwrapped the package, it contains a small ceremic pot, soil pellet, basil seeds and instruction.

I follow the instruction, soak the soil pellet, drain the excess water and plant the basil seeds. Photo taken on 12 Sept 2013.
When the soil is dry, it will turn slightly lighter. Then I will water it. Very quickly basil seedlings are poping out everywhere! I guess the germination is almost 100%. Photo taken on 23 Sept 2013.
Due to overcrowding, alot of seedlings died. I didn't thin it too because I not sure how to go about it. I'm afraid end up I will thinning the stronger ones. So I just let them fight it out. End of the war, I left with 5 strong basil seedlings. As you can see, they just grow 2nd sets of leaves. Photo taken on 20 Nov.
On 6 Jan 2014, my basil seedlings have already grown their forth set of leaves. I was quite skeptical on guarantee growing kit. But I guess this Basil growing kit works. Not only the seeds germinate, the seedlings already grow to survive. Hopefully my 5 strong seedlings will grow to full adult plant eventually. Meanwhile, I already started on my Lavender growing kit.

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