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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Con Case: Brazilian IPL at Posh Wellness bought from Groupon

I'm always been 'fan' of Groupon and has been buying their vouchers many many times. But this time is really false advertising. Let's take a look at the voucher I bought.

Everything seems plain and simple right? Things only start to unfold during my first appointment with them. During the briefing, I was told that I must buy the hygience kit which cost $10, for every session. In the voucher, it is clearly indicated that hygiene kit may need to be purchase, if required. I guess every salon would have these small fine prints whereby they mis-interpret, so I just closed one eye and go ahead with it.
Now is the eyeball-dropping part, the staff told me the voucher includes only 10 shots. But the whole Brazilian IPL will needs 30 shots. I need to buy additional 20 shots which cost $60 for every session! That's totally extortion as clearly the voucher did not include this limitation! Unfortunately, I purchase 9 sessions for SGD145. So I asked the staff whether can I combine the sessions as I have 9 session which equal to 90 shots. The staff told me that they cannot combine the sessions. Either I pay additional $60 for full Brazilian IPL or just accept 10 shots of partial IPL which will not have any results at all!
End up I went ahead of partial Brazilian IPL with 10 shots as I'm not prepared to pay more. I still have 8 sessions more and I really don't feel like going back and paying $10 for the hygiene kit and there will not be any results at all. After discussing with my bf, he told me not to visit Posh Wellness anymore. $145 just take it as lesson learnt. Posh Wellness is totally dishonest and try to con people to buy their Brazilian IPL whereby they are only offering for Bikini IPL.
Nevertheless I wrote to Groupon and hope that I can claim back some money.

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